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Paralegal Stephanie Spivack with Cohen & Slamowitz threatens with defamation suit

I received this deletion request today:
To: Webmaster
From: Stephanie Spivack
Subject: Remove My Name From This Website Now
Please take my name off of this website. If you do not, I will sue you for defamation of character. I was only a paralegal here not an attorney. I advised to my greatest ability. It was up to the attorneys to do anything further. Thank you for your assistance or else legal actions will occur.

I don’t think I ever accused Ms. Spivack of being an attorney, which could presumably be an insult and and be construed to be defamatory.  I certainly would feel defamed if I was accused of being a collection attorney.

Ms. Spivack is mentioned on this blog extensively because I posted my communications with her and of course I will NOT delete her name.

Any FALSE statement should be submitted to me along with the URL of the page containing the false statement and I will of course update and correct my publications.

Since my publications are truthful, Ms. Spivack cannot possibly prevail in a defamation suit.

It is quite likely that Ms. Spivack will either be a defendant in a widely publicized FDCPA lawsuit against Cohen & Slamowitz, its attorneys and collectors or she will be a witness.  Just like attorneys, paralegals working for collection firms are subject to the FDCPA.

Ms. Spivack wrote:

… I advised to my greatest ability. It was up to the attorneys
to do anything further. …

I would certainly appreciate more information about the attorneys’ actions or non actions.

I might remove Ms. Spivack’s name if she chooses to switch sides and she assists with the prosecution of Cohen & Slamowitz and its attorneys.   Her testimony could be extremely helpful as Cohen & Slamowitz obviously disregarded the Miller ruling and blatantly continued to violate the FDCPA.

This URL sent to Ms. Spivack.

Rondout Legal owner Kim Letus threatens with lawsuit re affidavit of service

Kim Letus, owner of Rondout Legal threatens:

Unless you remove these false accusations from your website, I, as the owner of Rondout Legal and a legitimate and honest business person for the past 20+ years, will be hiring an attorney to look into this.  The defendant had his day in Court, and the Court ruled the service to be legitimate and the affidavit to be accurate.  Get these lies about my business off your website.  If you’re truly interested in fairness, you will not vilify a legitimate business and an honest person (Mark McCumber) with false accusations.

See 10/7/09: Rondout Legal Service, Mark McCumberAffidavit of Service for another threat.

Ms. Letus, I’m definitely very interested in finding out what REALLY happened.

  • Please provide a picture of Mark McCumber

We need to provide it to my client’s neighbors who spoke with the unidentified process server looking for my client between 10/3/09 when Mr. McCumber CLAIMS to have served my client and 10/10/09, when the papers were posted at my client’s door.

Let’s see if the neighbors recognize McCumber.

  • How do you explain the appearance of the papers on 10/10/09?

I’d sure like to know.

  • You wrote:

… the Court ruled the service to be legitimate and the affidavit to be accurate.

I am not aware of this ruling. How did the court determine that the affidavit of service is accurate?  Did McCumber testify? Were there any witnesses?  What PROOF was submitted to the court?

Ms. Letus, you already are a Liars and Cheats EXPOSED member, so please post right here.

Arthur Miller v Cohen & Slamowitz: UNFAIR PRACTICES!!!

I just posted in great detail:

Arthur Miller v. Cohen & Slamowitz: attorney’s failure to conduct meaningful review violates FDCPA

On 9/30/09, the judge ruled that they violated the FDCPA because they did not conduct proper attorney reviews prior to suing consumers.

In NOVEMBER 2009, I was told by Cohen & Slamowitz’s Ms. Spivack that attorneys are NOT assigned to active lawsuits until an answer has been filed.

Presumably, if NO answer is filed as in MOST debt collection litigation against consumers, no attorney ever gets involved and the paralegals handle everything.

While the lawsuit had been filed several months earlier, I was unable to contact any attorney.

Cohen & Slamowitz actually sent an attorney from ANOTHER firm to a hearing and he had NO idea what was going on.  He assured my client that he would not appear on their behalf again.

To date, we have NOT received any answers to our questions or ANY communicati0ns from Cohen & Slamowitz outside court.

One major issue:

Will Citibank pursue Mark Cella (FDRS) to recover at least part of the loot?

Last year I notified Citi (through another collection attorney) of the FDRS fraud and I notified them of the Chase litigation against scammers engaging in similar fraud and they recovered MILLIONS and Chase forgave the debts and deleted the accounts from the credit reports.

I suppose Citi finds it more PROFITABLE to hire collection thugs like Cohen & Slamowitz to sue the defrauded consumers.

I already started on the new Citi blog and the first post is about the CRIMINAL citi executives who get paid huge bonuses funded through THEFT — according to the California attorney general.

It’s not surprising that Citi chooses to pursue the victims instead of the criminals and there’s nothing we can do about Citi.  As I’m sure you know, they’re “too big to fail.”

So I’ll focus on Cohen & Slamowitz and hopefully they’ll soon join the ranks of BANKRUPT collection laywers like Wolpoff & Abramson and Mann, Bracken.

Motion to dismiss denied, time to file complaint with AG Cuomo

I just posted the order and essentially, the judge doesn’t think that it matters WHEN a defendant was served and that the debtor failed to establish that the process server’s affidavit was false.
I find that odd, although maybe he should have added to his declaration that the documents were NOT posted to the door of his apartment when the server CLAIMED to have served him on 10/3/09.   He did find the papers posted to his door a week later, on the 10th.

Apparently the judge concluded that he must have been out of town for a week and THAT is why he didn’t find the papers until the 10th.

So next is the complaint about the server to AG Cuomo.

And the million dollar question is what to do regarding this suit.

I’ll be posting about a lawsuit by Arthur Miller against Cohen & Slamowitz shortly as judge Mauskopf in FEDERAL court ruled against them.  In light of that ruling last September, it is incredible that C & S CONTINUED to engage in conduct far more outrageous than in that case.  To date, my client has NOT received any response to his 3/22/10!

And it’s about time we submit the complaint about Cohen & Slamowitz to the AG.

We have to find an attorney to file FDCPA counterclaims against C & W and to pursue Mark Cella and FDRS for the debt elimination fraud.  I recently received a lot more information about Mark Cella and even his picture.

I suppose we’ll write the AG complaints first and then consumer attorneys can review those complaints.

Stay tuned …

My 3/10/10 notice of publication to Cohen & Slamowitz

I posted my 5-page fax to Cohen & Slamowitz attorney Carol Van Houten with many questions, assumptions and conclusions:

3/10/10: My Notice of Publication to Cohen & Slamowitz

I can’t MAKE them communicate with me, but I’ll do my best to spread some TRUTH about these notorious collection attorneys with no morals or ethics.

I will update with the response if they finally stop ignoring me.

The regulatory complaints are next.

Cohen & Slamowitz and Citibank pursue judgment-proof defrauded debtor INSTEAD of criminals

Today I finished the ABOUT page and I hope it makes sense.

My head is spinning as I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.  The process server Mark McCumber with Rondout Legal apparently FALSIFIED the affidavit of service because he thought that the ACTUAL service date would be more than 120 days after the filing of the complaint.

We don’t even know WHEN the complaint was filed as my client has yet to receive a copy with the court’s filing date.

We DO know that Cohen & Slamowitz engages in unfair and deceptive collection practices and that they couldn’t care less whether an affidavit of service was falsified.  And that’s DESPITE being name last year in a HUGE investigation resulting in an order vacating over 100,000 default judgments due to improper service.

Of course the BIG issue is that my client had paid Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) and this was one of the enrolled accounts.

Citibank and Cohen & Slamowitz couldn’t care less and did not even ACKNOWLEDGE the dispute.

For details please read: FDRS and Mark Cella Debt Elimination SCAM

I’ll be drafting the complaint with regulators and of course we’ll try to find an attorney to file counter claims against Cohen & Slamowitz and to join Mark Cella (FDRS owner) and other key personnel.