Exh. A — 11/5/09: My 1st fax to Cohen & Slamowitz


Law Offices Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP

Via fax to 516-364-6067– 3 pages including cover

November 5, 2009

Re: Power of attorney [redacted]


Client Account No.: [redacted]
C&S File No.: P007823
Index No.: [redacted]

Attached is my client’s power of attorney.

He received your 10/27/09 letter and I would like to discuss his situation with you.  This account was enrolled in a fraudulent debt elimination program (Federal Debt Relief System – “FDRS”) and I recently contacted hundreds of (former) FDRS clients.  The responses I received so far indicate that many (former) FDRS clients either already have judgments against them or creditors are currently suing them for the delinquent debts.

We are attempting to pool resources to retain attorneys to sue FDRS.  It charged about 30% of the outstanding debt and it failed to perform as promised.  We will contact attorneys nationwide to represent the consumers who are being sued by creditors and we will of course be seeking the assistance of the FTC and state AGs.

Ideally, the CREDITORS will also assist with the litigation against FDRS as Chase, Capital One and other creditors did by suing Hess Kennedy, a Florida law firm engaging in a similar fraud.   Regulators were also involved and millions of dollars were recovered for creditors. Chase agreed to forgive the enrolled debts and to remove the charged off accounts from the defrauded consumers’ credit reports.  I posted the docket for this case online: http://fdrs-debt-elimination-scam.info/Chase-v-HessKennedy/Docket-Chase-v-Hess-Kennedy.pdf

Of course I can provide further information and documentation regarding my client’s payments to FDRS for this account.

Please let us know whether Citi intends to continue to litigate against this fraud victim.  If so, I ask that you stipulate to an extension of the time to answer the complaint so that my client can retain an attorney to represent him.



Christine Baker

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