FDRS Client Information (enrolled accounts and payments)

ALL FDRS clients should obtain the Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) CLIENT INFORMATION at the FDRS website and SAVE the page with your personal information, your payment history, the communications log and the enrolled account details such as for this Citibank account:


Please note that the ACTUAL debt at the time of FDRS enrollment was $3,288.04 and Citi is now suing for $4,367.35.

Why the difference?

It’s probably INTEREST and FEES!

Note the CORRESPONDENCE sent by FDRS to Citi and to Cohen & Slamowitz.  United Collection Bureau was apparently collecting the account prior to assignment to Cohen & Slamowitz.

I requested that Cohen &  Slamowitz provide copies of all correspondence with my client and I explained that FDRS signed HIS NAME and that it did not provide any copies to him.  Additionally, my client FORWARDED correspondence received from Cohen & Slamowitz to FDRS as per the FDRS instructions and because FDRS had stated that they had attorneys to represent the consumers.

Of course FDRS lied and there were NO attorneys.

Cohen & Slamowitz failed to provide any ANY of the correspondence and it entirely IGNORED me.

Of course COLLECTION lawyers love outfits like FDRS because it leaves the debtors with NO documentation.

However, in my opinion (I’m not an attorney), Cohen & Slamowitz and their attorneys engage in unfair practices and I hope that we can find a NY attorney to sue them for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and possibly NY state law.

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