Attorney Irving Johnson’s EXTREMELY Unfair Practices

This blog will be about attorney Irving Johnson, who represents doctor Tameira Hollander in her defamation lawsuit against me.

Doctor Tameira Hollander sued me in 10/08 and accused me of running a companion site to a “gripe” site by one of her former patients.

This was one of several blatant lies.   In fact, I only had a LINK to her former patient’ s website.

Doctor Tameira Hollander has yet to apologize to me.

Attorney Irving Johnson got judge Rafferty in Colorado Arapahoe County district court to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) requiring me to remove my main website  I complied with the order and was practically without income for two months until judge Weishaupl ruled that the TRO had expired before I was even served.

Notably, attorney Johnson had filed a motion for contempt including threats of JAIL because I started the new site Tameira Hollander and I had posted a news release about the lawsuit at other websites.

As a Colorado licensed attorney, how could Johnson not have known that Colorado TROs are only valid for 10 days?

Apparently attorney Johnson thought I would give up and delete all references to doctor Tameira Hollander as her former patient had done.

I also received many harassing emails and comments about this lawsuit from a person identified as “Mathew Hilton.”

I have no idea whether that’s his real name, probably not.  He gave me “legal” advice,  telling me that I really should delete all references to doctor Tameira Hollander.  When I refused to comply, he became increasingly abusive and threatening and he continued to harass me despite my numerous requests to stop contacting me.

I could not prove that “Mathew Hilton” was directly related to doctor Tameira Hollander’s lawsuit until he emailed me the pictures that the process server had taken at my private property of my home, car, license plate and laundry on the clothesline.

I questioned doctor Tameira Hollander under oath and she denied providing the pictures to anyone and she denied knowing “Mathew Hilton.”

Who else had the pictures?

The process server and apparently attorney Irving Johnson.  It is unlikely that the process server gave the pictures to anyone else.  Apparently attorney Johnson gave the pictures to “Hilton”.

The harassment stopped shortly after I sent an irate email to attorney Johnson and I also filed a police report, but they couldn’t care less.  I do have IP numbers and if I had the cash, I could subpoena his information from Yahoo and from his ISP.  But, that’s the big if …

Recently I again asked attorney Johnson who he gave the pictures to and his response implies that he doesn’t think it’s necessary to identify the person(s) who harassed me.

In July 2009 attorney Johnson got a second TRO  requiring me to delete my entire doctor Tameira Hollander litigation info site and I had to remove ALL REFERENCES to doctor Tameira Hollander from my sites.

It took FOUR months of hearings until judge Rafferty finally ruled that I enjoy IMMUNITY for posting the LINK to doctor Tameira Hollander‘s former patient’s site and that I CAN post about the litigation.

I’ve been through hell for a year due to this litigation.  I almost died due to the litigation-related stress and financial problems.

Additionally, attorney Johnson made numerous false statements about me to the court.

While I know that lawyers are licensed to lie, I’d like to see what the State Bar has to say about that.

I really don’t expect the Colorado State Bar to do anything about attorney Johnson’s misconduct, but the point of this exercise is to show the world how corrupt the American legal system is.

We need to abolish the current judicial system as it could not possibly be more corrupt.

  • The people who PAY for this corrupt system are prejudiced by ludicrous rules such as Colorado courts allowing only attorneys to utilize electronic filing, leaving pro se litigants with practically NO time to file responses, replies and objections.
  • THE PEOPLE are NOT entitled to compensation for the TIME spent on litigation.  Only people who are WEALTHY enough to PAY for ATTORNEYS get compensation for the attorneys’ fees if they prevail.
  • The LAWYERS are currently licensed to lie and civil cases simply ought to outlaw LIES.  How can justice be based on LIES?  Why should the best liar win?

We need a NEW judicial system that provides justice for ALL —  with plain English rules and judges with RESPECT for THE PEOPLE and THE TRUTH.

There will be additional blogs about the corrupt courts, judges and lawyers and of course about the doctor Tameira Hollander litigation.  We’re not nearly done as I will appeal several rulings, including the dismissal of my counterclaims and the ruling that doctor Tameira Hollander’s false sworn statements in her complaint and affidavit are NOT perjury.

I’m currently in the process of setting up Liars and Cheats EXPOSED and this is my first blog.  Since I’m new to the software, getting everything working will take all my spare time and the CO State Bar complaint about attorney Johnson will have to wait until I can get the MANY exhibits posted along with the Bar Code of Ethics.

UPDATE 8/1/13:  I truly regret that I never filed the Bar complaint.  I just didn’t have the time and money.  If there is a hell, it’s for people like attorney Johnson. Karma will catch up with him and doctor Tameira Hollander.

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  1. I just stumbled on the Dr. Hollander defamation case, and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe you’re being sued for posting a URL to a site. She sounds like an extreme bitch. And I can’t believe the Colorado court system is issuing a gag order in her favor. WTF? I hope the best for you.

  2. Thanks!

    Been meaning to update for days, but been SO busy. Still working on this site and then the news that the California AG does NOTHING about the FDRS criminals … it's so frustrating:

    I spent all night uploading the latest contempt motion from doctor Hollander and DELETING again.

    4:55 am and TIRED. Will update in a new post here tomorrow.

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