Will the class action awards in White v Experian (after bankruptcy reporting) ever get paid?

I’m working with a client with incorrect after bankruptcy reporting and just looked up my posting about the case again.  So in 9/09 they mailed out the claim forms.

White, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.  Settlement Website

UPDATE: On August 6, 2010, the Court set a briefing schedule after receipt of Settling Plaintiffs’ Submission Complying with the Court’s Order Conditionally Granting Request for Second Notice, and Alternative Notice Proposal. The parties subsequently filed documents with the Court. On October 20, 2010, the Court ordered the parties to submit supplemental briefing. These additional documents were filed with the Court on November 4, 2010. We are awaiting a decision regarding these issues and will provide an update when available.

Here’s my post from a year ago about the claims:

White v Experian class action: how to claim your award for incorrectly reported discharged accounts

More important (since you can no longer file claims), some highlights of the settlement and the resulting reporting:

White v. Experian et al: CRAs must update SOME discharged accounts after bankruptcy filing

Various dates including the most important STATUS date for Experian:

3.3 Bankruptcy Status Dates: Defendants will implement reasonable procedures designed to prevent updating the date of last update (Date Reported, Balance Date, Date Verified or, for Experian, date of status, last reported, and balance date) to a date that is more than one month after the Discharge Date in connection with an update of any tradeline, judgment or Collection Account pursuant to the procedures in Paragraphs 3.1 or 3.2; provided, however, that this provision shall not prohibit Defendants from reporting a later date of last update to reflect that information has been received from a furnisher on a date that is more than one month after the Discharge Date, whether or not such furnisher update is accepted or rejected pursuant to the procedures set forth in Sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 of this Order; provided further, however, that any such reporting of a later date of last update shall not change either the “Included in Bankruptcy” date or the “Purge Date.”

As I explained in that post, it is utterly ridiculous to allow creditors to INCORRECTLY report the status date one month after the discharge date instead of the filing date.  These lawyers are such sell-outs …

My client got suckered into signing up with Stephen Snyder’s Allen Michael credit repair scam and Experian UPDATED the status date of one discharged account to 10/10 after receiving their disputes.  Of course we disputed it and we’ll find out whether Experian will reject the dispute as frivolous (since Allen Michael just submitted 5 frivolous disputes) or whether they’ll investigate and hopefully fix it.

In the meantime, his Experian FICO score is SHOT.

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  1. Whole darn thing seems very unfair to me. Neither my wife nor myself ever received any kind of notice about this suit and yet our failure to file now prevents any future claim by us. We are both business executives who have been at the same address for 30 years. We control a great deal of detail, always have, are very precise and dont miss our mail. Yet, since I have been a large scale real estaate speculator for 30 years and the errors on my credit reports and items incorrectly left on my report have put us virtually out of business. The bankrkukptcy would not have been a problem since we are well known here, always had perfect credit and the Bankers here all knew about the massive flood affecting our apartment complex which caused the bankruptcy. Our credit was good right up to the date of filing. I feel that that the errors have caused us at least $300,000.00 in income and yet I am now estopped effectively from any action. Am I wrong on this or do I need an attorney. We are not hostile troublemakers and have a totally litigation free and well known business reputation here. What do you think?? Dick Kunkle

  2. i’d like to know when i’ll be compensated for my actual damages. i do appreciate all of the efforts you have put forth, thank you. i don’t fully uderstand all of the court documents, can you contact me at [deleted] or by email.

  3. This settlement turned into a giant scam. I received a notice several months ago about CHANGES in the settlement and it looks like most people get NOTHING unless they submit documentation. I meant to post about it and still have the notice somewhere on my desk, but it’s just so depressing.

    We’ve been very busy building our new hoophouse and there just haven’t been enough donations for me to want to spend 5 or more hours reading and analyzing court documents and getting depressed and angry.

    I deleted your phone number because I don’t want scammers contacting you. And obviously I can think of a lot more fun things to do than to work for others free of charge, explaining this most unpleasant stuff 🙂

  4. I have not received any of the settlement award or notification thereof, after submitting the required documentation.

  5. well as it is of today no one has been paid and the white experian lawsuit page is not working so a person can’t see if there has been anything doen on this case when they lawyers haven’t updated anything since june of 2012 and their website is apparently not available any longer. Oh well the recipients of htis case are only going ot get 35 dollars a piece as there are 750 thousand claim forms that were put in in time. So out of 45 millions the law firm is only goin gto be made to pay less than one million to the affected people and pocket minus court cost 44 million, aren’t you glad you submitted yoru form to help this law firm justify that….so hope you find out what you are no missing out on…

  6. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on it.

    From the settlement website:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: On August 12, 2011, a notice was filed with the Court to appeal the Order Approving the Settlement and orders regarding the Motions for Attorneys’ Fees for Monetary and Injunctive Relief. Appellants filed their opening briefs with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Appellees must file their answering brief(s) by June 21, 2012.

    Now it’s September.

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