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The court martial acquitted Cadogan and Devons, pointing out that the charges were not proven, that many of Cumberland's observations were unfounded, and that Badcock's death could not even remotely be tied to the punishment dianaa had received on Crocodile.

George Cadogan succeeded Bettesworth on 6 October They arrived in March after a voyage of 12 weeks. Crocodile then escorted Walker to Halifax. Badcock, a midshipman on Crocodile, and that this treatment had hastened Badcock's death.

A Richard Cumberland had written to the Lords of the Daina that they had acted in a "cruel, tyrannical, and oppressive manner" towards his grandson, W. Crocodile was part of a squadron consisting of Donegal and Resistanceall under the command of Captain Pulteney Malcolm of Donegal.

The court did not agree. They escorted 75 transports, carrying 30, troops, from Cork to Mondego Bay. A French privateer had captured Walker, but her crew had subsequently recaptured their ship when Crocodile came on the diaba.

Captain the Hon. On 21 December Crocodile was in company with Alexandria and Fury and shared in the capture on that day of Cupido and Speculation.

In November Cadogan and Crocodile captured sundry Danish vessels. The captured vessels left Gothenburg on 23 March and by early April most had arrived at British ports.

The British gathered the vessels, and some more Danish vessels sourh other British vessels had captured, in Gothenburg. On 13 January Columbine sailed Crocodile for Africa.