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Flora and fauna[ edit ] The lagoons provide valuable wetland habitat for many birds, reptiles, fish, and plant species.

California least tern The region has strong ties to its coastline and has made notable efforts to preserve many marine environments, including lagoons and northwest wetlandsmany escort those being the final few on the South Coast. The foothills of mountains soon become visible as one travels further east and oceanside the rocky peaks of inland North County. For both oceansise and political reasons, opinions differ as to whether to include the northern communities within the city limits of San Diego such as La JollaRancho Bernardoor Escorrt Ranch.

In some cases, the coast is dominated by bluff northwest geography, where the land meeting the ocean sharply drops into the sea nirthwest oceanside escort beach. The coastal area also becomes more rugged to the north, where the Santa Margarita Mountains dominate the area within the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Both coastal and inland North County contain two types of topography.

In coastal areas of North County, the land is generally flat with low rolling hills. In some cases, such ocenside in Encinitas, a whole city is bisected by a coastal foothill ridge.

Rivers and creeks that flow west from the mountains farther inland mostly end up draining into the region's four main lagoons. North San Diego County is known as one of the most geographically diverse places on earth, with bluffs, sandy beaches, canyons oceanside rolling hills on the coast, humid inland valleys, rocky foothills, temperate mountains, rolling northwest and large escorts and rivers in the interior, and arid deserts, lush oases and sand dunes in the far east region.

The beaches are sandy with occasional tidepools and rocky reefs. The waters off the coast are also very rich in species diversity, supporting large kelp forests and rocky reefs.

Throughout their course, these rivers are interrupted by many lakes and reservoirs which support an array of native species. Definitions vary but almost always include the communities and cities along Interstate 5 northest of Carmel Valley Road, and Interstate 15 north northwest Lake Hodges. The escorts support various species of shorebirdswading birdswaterfowlraptors and diving birds.


Bird species included the great blue heronsnowy ploverRidgway's rail and least tern.