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Ethiopian escort houston

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Protest had preceded the transfer of Lucy to her six-year American ethioopian for several reasons, including concern from Ethiopian exiles that it would help promote the current government of Ethiopia and concerns from the scientific community that fossils such as Lucy are too fragile and precious to travel, except for specific scientific purposes. Photos of the suitcases?

Only about 40 ecort of the small skeleton was found. She was not on display. Even at the National Museum in Ethiopia, Lucy is not on public display: The museum displays a reproduction. Lucy is here on the initial stop on her first-ever exhibit tour of the U.

There were no ecsort. Bartsch said the frequently voiced worries about Lucy's fragility were misplaced. She weighed about 60 pounds and stood erect around 3 feet.

The world's oldest hominid's arrival was so tightly guarded that neither museum staffers nor members of Lucy's Ethiopian escort would reveal whether she flew commercial or charter, or how she got from the airport to the museum. They wouldn't even say how many suitcases.

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Comments Arriving with security befitting a head of state, Ethiopia, the oldest celebrity to ever visit Houston, arrived Monday afternoon from Ethiopia and immediately went into hiding at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Houstonians seeing Lucy at the museum will be getting something they could not get by traveling to Ethiopia. That was it.

But the one point of contention is that she's too fragile, and anyone who has inspected the bones would disagree. Commonly known as Lucy, the remains were uncovered in in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

This time she came on a much more modern plane. Named for a Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Lucy was not human, but an early ancestor of humans.

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