How to get a refund for trial credit report subscriptions

Last week I had to order my credit reports because I’m being sued by Midland Funding for an HSBC chargeoff and I was working on my counter claims.   I tried to get my free annual reports, but NONE of the credit bureaus would give them to me online.  I had answered all the security questions correctly, but most likely they are not providing the reports online because I have sued them in the past and that’s their way to retaliate.

So I ended up ordering the Experian $1 trial and the TrueCredit Trans Union trial.   You have only 7 days to cancel, I was busy writing court filings and when I remembered to cancel yesterday evening, it was too late to call and they don’t allow you to cancel online. Today the charges already showed on my credit card.

The numbers to CANCEL the subscriptions:

TrueCredit: 800-493-2392

Experian: 877-284-7942

When I called Experian today, they told me that according to the terms and conditions, the charges were not refundable.   I then called TrueCredit, again requested the refund and I told them that my annual report was declined and that’s why I signed up for the trial.  I requested to speak to a supervisor, mentioned an FTC complaint and promptly got the refund without having to speak to a supervisor.

Then I called Experian again, told them that I wanted to speak to a supervisor about their refusal to refund the charge and that I would complain to the FTC because they wouldn’t provide me with the free annual report online and I also got the refund without having to speak to a supervisor.

That was the quickest $35 I made in a long time.  FYI, I was serious about the FTC complaint too and I recorded the calls.

I always remind my clients to cancel those trial subscriptions, but nobody reminded me!

A lot more info is at TrueCredit reports and the Experian $1 trial.

Free online Experian reports after credit decline – adverse action – insurance rating

I recently switched my insurance provider and was notified that I did not receive the lowest rate due to my credit provided by Experian.  So I decided to get my FREE Experian credit report and after some research, found that I could order the credit report ONLINE.

Almost everybody qualifies for free reports upon insurance renewals as very few people get the very best rates.

Below are the detailed instructions for ordering and what NOT to do.

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TrueCredit free trial for tri-merged reports

First of all, be aware that ALL tri-merged (3-in-1) reports are INCOMPLETE and may even include DIFFERENT data than the “real” credit reports lenders get.

The FAKE TrueCredit credit scores mean nothing.

Please read FICO Credit Scoring BASICS for more info.

Since a client in the middle of a refinance wanted to see what the current reported balances are, I thought she could try the Trans Union-owned TrueCredit.  However, the offer she got was for a 7-day trial for only Trans Union reports and below is the link to get a free tri-merged report, but there are a few things you ought to know.

The TrueCredit fraud and deception.

According to Trans Union’s attorneys, the credit reports sold at TrueCredit are NOT “consumer disclosures” as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and therefore it is legal to mislead consumers into wasting their hard-earned money.

The TrueCredit credit reports do NOT contain:

  • all information reported to creditors
  • all information required to be disclosed to consumers according to the FCRA

TrueCredit reports MAY contain:

  • DIFFERENT information than what is reported to creditors.

Of course TrueCredit does NOT disclose any of this to consumers as their profits are much more important to them than being honest and complying with the law.

Trans Union has always focused on MARKETING and the FTC sued Trans Union several times for illegally using and selling consumer credit report data to market.

That was prior to 2000, when President Bush took over and directed the FTC to do whatever it takes to ensure that the bankers and credit bureaus maximize profits at the peoples’ expense.  Unfortunately, President Obama is as corrupt as any politician and you all know what happened to the promised “change.”  The corporations run the planet.

Do NOT click on the countless TrueCredit ads for debt elimination, credit cards and mortgage rates.

You are subjecting yourself to ID THEFT, as many of these companies will sell all your personal information to the highest bidders.

Obviously, the highest bidders are often criminals like Mark Cella and his now defunct debt elimination scam FDRS.  Quite likely, your data will be sold to MULTIPLE bidders who then sell your data again if you don’t respond to their shady offers.

So, now that you know what you’re in for, get your free tri-merged report if you need only partial info, such as current balances and an overview of your credit and it’s not important if creditors get some different data.

You do need to provide your CREDIT CARD info to get the free tri-merged report and since you need to cancel within 7 days to avoid getting charged $14.95, order your report (you only get ONE report every 30 days), SAVE it to your hard drive (make sure it saves correctly) and then immediately CANCEL.

How to cancel?

From “Everything you need to know about this offer“:

Q: When can I cancel?
A: You can cancel with no obligation at any time during the free trial, or any time afterward.

Of course they make it difficult to cancel so that they can charge the $14.95.  During my own most frustrating attempts to cancel I learned that you can NOT cancel online.  I just read the FAQ, help page, etc. and found NOTHING on how to cancel.

You have to call:

Talk to a Customer Service Team member.*
Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to Midnight
Friday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Eastern time

Call toll-free (800) 493-2392

The TrueCredit TERMS and PRIVACY POLICY make it very clear that they are a company to avoid like the plague and while you may want to get your FREE report, it’s an excellent idea to immediately cancel.

Nobody should have to read through THIS:

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Updated 3/13/12: myFICO discount coupon codes: 10 -30% off

UPDATE 3/13/12:  Try CPPSAVINGS or ANN2012FSTUEX20  for a 20% discount.

The reports are now $19.95 and what a ripoff it is!  They still don’t even include the names of collectors so you can not dispute collections unless you get additional credit reports from the credit bureaus directly.

You only need to review your myFICO credit reports if you are actively working on your credit or you are about to apply for a mortgage.

And they still offer the FREE 10 day trial for the ScoreWatch Equifax credit monitoring service with the free report — don’t forget to cancel!

Please post if you find any new working coupon codes.

As always, don’t buy ANY of their other products. They are NOT worth  paying for and their “FREE” offers can be VERY DANGEROUS!


During the order process myFICO might offer to “match” you with 4 lenders.  Their “matching” means SELLING your info for big bucks to the highest bidders.

Do NOT let myFICO or ANYONE else match you with Lenders!

myFICO ID theft ALERT!!!

ID theft ALERT!!!

Your information will be SOLD to the highest bidder (the highest bidders are usually CRIMINALS) and your personal identifying and financial information will quite likely be RESOLD and RESOLD again and again.

This is one of THE most likely ways to become an ID theft victim.

ALL these ads you see all over the web with promises of incredibly low interest rates and bailout programs that don’t even exist are placed by LEAD GENERATORS who sell all your info (often your entire credit report) to the highest bidders for about $40 to $100.  The LEAD GENERATOR (myFICO, Experian, Trans Union, TrueCredit, Equifax,, etc. etc. etc.) can actually make a profit of several hundred dollars from EACH sucker who agrees to receive the “free service.”

Credit Adapter (TrueCredit) tri-merged credit report scam and FAKE credit scores

A client needed a reporting summary and I recommended that he check the ads here and he picked Credit Adapter for the 7 day “FREE” $1 trial.

The $30/month subscription is a giant RIP-OFF.

I recommend this report ONLY for the $1 trial with the immediate cancellation.

Who is Credit Adapter?

The FAQ discloses that they are Adaptive Marketing.

The Privacy Policy lists two IL addresses, but I could not find anything on Credit Adapter or Adaptive Marketing at the Illinois Secretary of State online business listings.

Adaptive Marketing LLC is, as the name suggests, a company specializing in marketing.  They sell just about any worthless service you can imagine:

Adaptive Marketing – LLC Site Map

They will sell your info, spam you with offers for useless services and memberships and just like Trans Union’s TrueCredit, they try very hard to get you to sign up for all kinds of crappy credit offers.  If you read the fine print, you won’t fall for their deceptive ads.  Since few people have the time to read, I’m sure they’re a very profitable outfit.

It is difficult to get the tri-merged credit summary.

After you sign up, you get your user ID.  You then have to log in with your ZIP code and they assault you with deceptive credit offers.

Click on “No thank you” until you see Reports in the top menu and then you have to sign up AGAIN to get your tri-merged credit summary:


The INCOMPLETE  tri-merged “credit report” is provided by TrueCredit (Trans Union owned.)

Some of the MOST important data such as the Equifax Date of Last Activity, the Experian Date of Status and the Trans Union Date Closed are NOT provided.  Also missing are dispute notations, scheduled deletion dates, most credit inquiries and lots of other important data.

Of course that’s a feature of all CONSUMER tri-merged (3-in 1, etc.) “reports”.  They should be called credit SUMMARIES as they are NOT credit reports.

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Trans Union and TrueCredit refuse to provide credit report due to pending investigation

I recommended that a client order her free annual Trans Union credit report because we need information NOT on the myFICO report or on tri-mergeds.  Trans Union, as so often, declined to provide the free report online.

Next, I recommended paying $10.50 for the Trans Union online report.  Again, she got declined. She called and was told that she could not get her report because Trans Union is currently investigating.  Unfortunately, she had signed up with a credit repair company and we don’t even know what was disputed.

So as a last resort, I asked her to order the TrueCredit report and while she is a paying subscriber, she also could NOT get her (incomplete) Trans Union report there.

Finally, she ordered the worthless tri-merged report at TrueCredit and she received that.  But of course it does not contain the scheduled deletion dates and not even the so important Date Closed.

It is incredible how powerful the credit bureaus have become.  Last week I filed my response to the Trans Union / TrueCredit motions to dismiss my claims relating to their refusal to provide credit reports as required  by law.  I’ll post everything ASAP, been very busy.

There’s no way that I will prevail against these powerful corporations, but at least I can spread the word and alert you all to their FRAUD.

myFICO 20% discount for one year Equifax ScoreWatch (ends 4/30/10)

Another sale at myFICO, this time only for the Equifax ScoreWatch and apparently you have to subscribe for an entire year.  I recommend it only if you really have to care about your FICO score for the next year.

I did NOT see the offer for the 30-day ScoreWatch trial with 2 Equifax myFICO reports free just for trying it.

To order the 1-year subscription, go to to create an account at myFICO or log in if you already have an account and then order.

Coupon code: SCOREWATCH20

And please read FICO Credit Scoring BASICS for details about credit scores and why you should ignore the OTHER (credit bureau) scores.

The Experian $1 credit report SCAM and truly FREE Experian reports

Today I noticed that Experian advertised $1 credit reports and scores for a LIMITED TIME.

View the screen shot of the Experian front page with the TOTALLY FALSE advertisement.

$1 for a credit report sounds like a great deal!

However, it’s just another credit bureau SCAM.

I clicked to order my “$ 1” report and filled out my personal info:

Screen shot — still looks great!

The next screen revealed the ugly truth:

There is NO $1 credit report, but you’re signing up for a $14.95 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION — unless you cancel within 7 days.

How hard is it to cancel?

VERY HARD.  I’ve had many clients complain that they were put on hold for a long time, they were disconnected, etc.

But that’s not the only scam, there’s MORE:

The reports are actually provided by Experian-owned  The reports they provide are INCOMPLETE and contain LESS than half the data on the “real” Experian report.

In fact, they don’t even contain the EXPERIAN REPORT NUMBER — required to dispute by telephone and to get FREE reports at its site for 90 days.

Yup, that’s no typo.  Once you have a report number, you can get your almost complete Experian disclosure for 90 days at its site. Just click on the link to “Review Report Again” on the bottom of their front page.

The Experian report number is on all investigation results.   And you can also get it by PRETENDING to want to dispute online if you actually sign up for this scam.

So if you don’t already have an Experian report number (no older than 90 days) — and you don’t mind going through the hassle of canceling — sign up, get your free report, pretend to want to dispute online, get the “real” Experian report with the report number and then cancel right away.


Ignore the Experian credit scores.

They are NOT the scores most lenders are using — get your FICO scores if you NEED scores.

You can’t get your Experian FICO scores at anymore because they make even less sense than the Trans Union and Equifax scores.  The Experian credit reporting data is so flawed by DESIGN and they’d have to completely change their data fields — more on that another time.

Just IGNORE all Experian scores unless you get a copy of your mortgage credit report.

Why is Experian advertising this “limited time” offer?

It might have to do with new FTC regulations regarding these scams.  I haven’t read through the 22 pages of small print yet, but noticed extensive discussion of the “free” credit reports and the many consumer complaints.  The regulations will be effective 4/2/10 and I hope to soon find the time to go through this document.

The Lifelock scam class action

I wrote about the LifeLock scam two years ago:

Experian v. LifeLock – why do people fall for ID theft insurance scams?

Notably, GOLDMAN SACHS is supposed to have funded this fraud with $25 million. 

LifeLock Class Action

LifeLock Consumer Fraud | False Advertising

Is Your Identity REALLY Protected ??

This site has been established to provide a way for those interested in obtaining information about, or participating in, the recent Class Actions that have been filed against LifeLock by Marks & Klein, LLP.
»» Read more.

The proposed class action law suits address the deceptive business practices and fraudulent advertising campaign employed by LifeLock through which it has induced nearly one million individuals into subscribing to the identity theft protection services the company claims to provide.

In actuality, however, the services and one million dollar service guarantee offered by LifeLock are not what they seem and do not provide the level of protection that is advertised in its deceptive marketing campaign.

Presently, Marks & Klein, LLP has filed class action lawsuits against LifeLock on behalf of subscribers in New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida and California.

If you are a Lifelock subscriber who resides in any of the above states and is interested in participating in an existing class action, or a resident of any of the other United States and would like information about bringing a class action against LifeLock in your state, please fill out this form.

This is not an advertisement.

Of course LifeLock isn’t the ONLY scam and I would NEVER waste my money on ANY ID theft protection service. 

The credit reports they provide are INCOMPLETE and practically worthless.

There are many millions of suckers with cash to blow and the CREDIT BUREAUS are taking a huge cut of this EXTREMELY lucrative business.

As always, the FTC is asleep at the wheel.

myFICO credit reports 30% off until 3/31/10

I am NOT advertising for myFICO.

In fact, they terminated my affiliate account many years ago due to my factual reporting of buggy formulas and scores that simply don’t work as myFICO claims.

MyFICO even ADDED entirely fictitious 120+ day LATE PAYMENTS to Equifax reports and it refused to fix their formulas — they’ll do whatever they can to produce the lowest FICO scores possible so that their “clients”, the creditors, can charge the HIGHEST rates and fees.

Please be aware that the myFICO reports are INCOMPLETE and are missing lots of data, including MOST credit inquiries, creditor addresses and, on the myFICO Equifax, they won’t even provide the collectors’ NAMES.  Only the data on the myFICO reports is utilized in FICO scores.  That’s why you should NOT dispute data ONLY on the bureau reports if you want higher FICO scores.  You’re more likely to get deletion of VALUABLE accounts and you will NOT change FICO scores by correcting data that’s not utilized in their calculations.

Details are at my website, closed for years as the wowBB software stopped working.  I hope to soon find the time to repost the updated information here.

Despite all the problems with myFICO credit reports, you NEED them to IMPROVE your FICO scores.

There is NO way for me to make recommendations to clients who need to improve FICO scores without analyzing the FICO SCORE FACTORS. Some free information is at my CreditFactors blog and if you’re serious about your credit and scores, make a $50 donation to Liars and Cheats Exposed and get a free 6-months CreditFactors subscription.

As of right now, the 30% myFICO discount is NOT announced at their website. To receive the 30% discount, go to myFICO and add at the checkout:

Coupon code: myFICOis9

FICO Standard®
was $15.95
now just $11.17

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit Platinum®
was $49.95
now just $34.97

However, the BEST DEAL:

You can get two Equifax myFICO reports FREE if you sign up for the FREE Score Watch TRIAL.

You might want to purchase the Suze Orman Kit for Trans Union and for additional reports by 3/31/10 (you can order the purchased reports later) if you’re actively working on your credit to improve FICO scores.  And speaking of Suze Orman, please do NOT follow her horrible advice and do NOT use the fake score simulators.

For more information, please read my 2004 analysis of Suze Orman’s HORRIBLE advice:

The Suze Orman FICO Kit FRAUD.

When I write about deplorable human beings like Suze Orman, I always wonder how they can be so incredibly incompetent and/or corrupt.  Could she be so stupid and NOT know that FICO scores are a total fraud?  I suppose the myFICO compensation makes up for knowing that she destroys so many lives.

Purchase the myFICO reports at the lowest possible price if you really need to improve your FICO scores, but don’t waste your money just to see what your FICO scores are.