Food, Inc — it's not only about food

I just watched Food, Inc. (the NY Times review) on Netflix and it’s about a lot more than just food.

We all know about the food industry abuse and torture of animals and workers and we all know about the recalls of contaminated food.

This film documents how Monsanto and the big food producers operate and ERASE the TRUTH through harassment lawsuits.

They’ve got the money and they can hire thousands of corrupt lawyers who’ll do anything for a buck.

I’ve been buying organic food whenever it is affordable.  I also stopped buying meat and we’re growing as much food as possible.   If you eat GM and toxic food, that’s YOUR problem and I really don’t care — pick your poison.

I DO care that I can publicly state what I eat or don’t eat.

Oprah spent YEARS in court because she dared to speak up about hamburger.

There’s nothing we can do about farmers who cheerfully grow Monsanto’s genetically modified food because they worship the dollar.  It’s a shame that the corrupt government ALLOWS toxic foods to be grown and distributed.

The buck really stops when farmers cannot talk about the truth anymore and they are sued out of business because they refuse to torture and pollute.

It bites to see how honest people are forced to settle lawsuits and are silenced because they can’t pay the lawyers.

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