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The henchmen of europe

However, they believe in Quran under the direction of their misguided and false prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. He tried to make Ahmadiyya beliefs more acceptable to non-Ahmadis and thus have Mirza Sahib recognized by a large of Muslims who were particularly antagonized by the word prophethood of Mirza Sahib. Actually Mirza Kazib was a mentally sick person.

One who has no moral values. I wish Maulana Muhammad Ali had not done it.

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Allah has sent his reformer in this world, But you people are even more worst creatures than anyone on this planet. Are you OK. They cannot see the rapid progress being made by Ahmadiyyat. I know you people have nothing to say. · hate-speech-cnerg/dehatebert-mono-english at 2ce5bfc5fdbcca0adeaf17ac3ae

Waraich, Mr. We bleed for days from the front huddies back whenever he uses us. There is no other sect which has harm Islam, but yours. K we forgive You. Your mom, the bitch.

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What kind of ruck is that? Now our readers can read the bullshit of Mirza Kazib's easily. What kind of hypocrisy is this? As a result of these scholars' hard work, the Qadianis are prohibited by law to publish or disseminate misguided versions of the meaning of the Holy Quran in Pakistan.

Muslims are not permitted to read or keep copies of Quran that contain a different meaning or interpretation of ni content, regardless of who produced such copies -- be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Qadiani, or others. Insha-Allah you will be remain an accursed cult for next two hundred years.

He will descend among Muslims, near the White Eastern Minaret of Damascus, Syria, clad in two yellow sheets dyed with saffronwhile leaning on the shoulders of two angels; 4. Qadiani Buster's Mom Pakiatan. They do so to spread the Word of Allah SWT and to make it easier for people to gain guidance from the tanvo at all times.

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He will fight with, chase, and kills Dajjal the Anti-Christ at the gate of Ludd; 6. His writings clearly indicate this position.

Hugging face – on a mission to solve nlp, one commit at a time.

Do not play role of street Dog. Anas, Mr. In the end he justifies that this is not my saying one Ahmadi said it" I am sure O Mirzai's you people will cry. See that is the reason why MR,Big Mouth, is crying.

Therefore, Muslims reject any claim of Divine revelation by anybody. I may ask you Qadianis. They only write like that when they don't have anything to say How fast can you run.

Then shall prevail only one religion over the whole world and there shall be only one religious Leader. I pray for his soul.

Hide yourself in holes otherwise I will eat you all. His advent is a for the closeness of the day of Judgment Quran, ; Afterwards, all believers will die before the advent of the day of Judgment and the other prophecies will take place.

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Wassalam, again, congradulation!!!! I think Maulana sahib in his zeal to get recognition to Ahmadiyyat made an error. Unless you dont know who your ggul was.

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We should request the management of such public places not to accept copies of the Holy Quran unless they are authenticated by 2 or 3 responsible local Islamic organizations. He is like Manzzor Chanyoti.

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Write him and say, " O. Allah is always with you people, You see Allah Gona give shamefull death to these small cult followers.

Waraich: Again, well done brother Please check the Qurans available in your area of residence, travel, or influence. Then God shall cause great consternation in their minds and they shall then say that the period of the dominance of the cross has also passed away and the way of life has changed completely, Yet the son of Mary has not come down. Who says in his speach.

Otherwise I was thinking to do so. Therefore, it is necessary that the translation and interpretation of the Holy Quran remain the same and be in agreement with Muslim thought traced back to the Prophet SAW. Mirza will remain a Kazib and a totally flopped character.