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In this study, optimized timing simulations were performed at three field strengths 1. Chan1, William H.

Here we present studies of a simple field cycling method that employs a modified time-dependent field pattern to achieve high levels of polarization in a short time. The goal of this project is to develop a technique to automatically prescribe an MRSI exam, while maximizing the coverage of the brain.

We demonstrate that 13C hyperpolarized tetrafluoropropyl propionate TFPP interacts with excess lipid in genetically engineered low-density lipoprotein deficient mice blak detecting a lipid specific MR resonance 3 ppm away from the main solution peak. Recently, they were employed to improve sensitivity of PRESS for lactate that is affected by incomplete J-modulation due to the chemical shift artifact.

These carbons possess small long-range J-couplings with protons.

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The experimental indicate that the method is a useful tool of high-resolution MRS for heterogeneous biological samples. After quantitation protocol, concentration of glutamate was calculated as 8.

Perman3, Alexander P. Even in mujchen regions of the cortex, NAA is distinguishable from the lipids. Methods: An implantable coil was constructed, coated, integrated with the macroconstruct, and implanted in a mouse peritoneal cavity. However, spectral resonances acquired with short TR values exhibit saturation effects that have traditionally been corrected using saturation factors. The of the optimization are applied in vivo at 1.

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Several heterogeneous biological samples were measured to test the feasibility of the pulse sequence. The specifications of the magnet and the de of the different muncen cryogenic, millimeter waves and dissolution have been optimized for producing one or several batches of contrast solutions with a high polarization, in a short time lap.

It is shown that extending a 2DJ-spectroscopy sequence with OVS pulses ameliorates spin evolution in order to 1 obtain blacm that are closer to those from ideal simulations used in 2D fitting, and 2 offer better cross-peak yield to make them more sensitive.

Brindle1,2 1Dept. In-vivo levels of Glx can be assessed by spectroscopic imaging.

,eat, Scott Sabelhaus1, Craig R. Ardenkjaer-Larsen4, Kevin M. However, such studies require substrate concentrations and experimental time windows that deviate ificantly from studies using conventional MR techniques.

Chen3, Angus Z. Schulte1, Florian Wiesinger1, Kenneth M.

A new calibration method based on the analysis of the phase image following a Spatial Modulation of Magnetization preparation SPAMM is presented in this work. Very few studies on 2D spectroscopic al quantification were performed.

Chen1, Ralph E. The application of both is strongly limited by polarization decay rate, that shortens polarization lifetime to some tens of seconds.

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This study demonstrates, for the first time, the simulataneous hyperpolarization of multiple compounds as trat as their injection into an NMR compatible 3D culture system. To eliminate the als of the washed-in [C]pyruvate metabolic products in the kidneys, we employed a spectral-spatial saturation radiofrequency pulse that saturates alanine beei lactate but leaves pyruvate undisturbed at the heart region. While 2D experiments like JPRESS can provide improved spectral separation by dispersing spectral information in an additional frequency dimension the artificially injected ERETIC al can serve as a stable and well known reference al.

The presented study is another step to make water suppression obsolete for proton MRS. Application to our clinical data, revealed the external reference to be the most conservative and total phosphorus the least. Leach1, Thomas R.

Preparatory to any clinical study, the safety profile of candidate tracer reagents and reaction catalysts must be characterized. Moreover, in vivo 13C spectroscopy of hyperpolarized TFPP and ex vivo 19F spectroscopy provide evidence that this technique is capable of differentiating lipid content in low-density lipoprotein deficient and control mice.

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Witney1,2, Roberta Napolitano1,3, Mikko I. Here we present a method to gather and plot The of healthy volunteer experiments showed that this technique was effective in suppressing the water al, which suggests the usefulness of the proposed method.

This technique was employed for fMRS of visual stimulation at 3T to analyze the BOLD effects of water and metabolite concentration changes simultaneously. The best result occurs at 4.