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For both sides, adoption can mean loss.

Every adoptee reacts to their journey differently; many times because their experience was sprinkled with more tragic elements beyond being abandoned and lack of identity. She also said I was very afraid of baths and hot water and noticed I had boils on my body, as if I had been burned. We were the societal fallout dauther WWII era.

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Although this is changing Above fkr some of pictures of me before my life in America, and eaugher travels back to my adoption agency, two orphanages I lived in and meeting my foster mother in Like being a single mother. Jason my husband and I are fairly adjusted and fortunate to have had good adoptee experiences with good families, but there is a history there; like a shadowy figure on the wall that does not leave many of us.

And then when we reach of age, we begin searching for ourselves, realizing our life did not actually begin when we were adopted. Adoptions was a major money maker and helped bring Korea out of the war depression. We had a past that dwells in our subconscious.

That kind of trauma never leaves you. A lot of child trafficking happens this way, not just in Korea. Today, single mothers are still looked down upon in Korea. Keeping accurate and transparent records was also not a priority back then.

I read these kinds of systemic adoption stories all the time. This is not malice and parents do their best, but times have changed.

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Other reasons daughr being mixed race babies who were abandoned by their American GI military father. When our concerns are more for individualism over those who suffer and are exploited, it reverberates through generations.

The alternative is millions of orphans coming of age and put onto the streets because the orphanage can no longer house them. Why is this even lpoking stigma anymore?

There is still trauma and healing is required for most. When cries are ignored, and we push our own views and value system onto others, like being anti-gay or anti-single mothers, humans are the collateral damage. The reasons were various but many times they were single mothers who were either forced to give up their baby or their child was taken because it was socially unacceptable to be a single mother.

The dark side is many times children for either stolen from mothers or told their baby died, often by family members or strangers looking to profit from the international adoption boom, and these children were secretly put into adoption or abandoned at police stations. Many times these men had wives and children of their own in America.

Daugher think many adoptive parents, out of lack of knowledge and education, assimilate adoptees into white culture and we are unwittingly looking to forget our past and culture.

What do these close-minded biases and fears accomplish? I know I have often.

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In the last few years, with the help of genetic testing spearheaded by fellow Korean Adoptees K who run family connection social media groups I follow, a generation of Korean adoptees have been returning to Korea to hunt for a past and family we were never privileged to know. Thus we were nationally unwanted children.

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