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Looking for some trailer trash

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Looking for some trailer trash

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The 22 units at Oak Trailre Mobile Home Park outside Martinsburg are neatly arranged, 25ft apart, nestled in a dip just the other side of Needy Road from the Bakers Height Baptist Church, which stands alone on a wide expanse of green fields. After the five kids got off on their own, we moved down here.

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South Carolina soke not among the 10 poorest by income, but there are eight states, all southern, that appear in both lists. About sharing An estimated 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, according to new Census figures. That's where the term trailer trash comes from.

We've lost a lot of space because I had a three-level townhouse but there are no parking problems. In storms, you have to watch these things but we don't have that many big ones.

He thinks their image as dens of sex, crime and hard drinking is partly due to television. How did this ttrailer the cheap housing of choice for so many people?

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Life at Oak Haven "It's very quiet and always clean," says bartender Sue Bobbitt above left with partner John Dimmickwho moved in a month ago. The Canadian series Trailer Park Boys is one example, and in films like Boys Don't Cry, bad things happen in these places, which aren't just on the edge of town, they're on the edge of civilisation.

Several of Breeden's neighbours say how much they enjoy the tranquillity of Oak Haven. Mobile homes have a huge image problem in the US, where in many minds they are shorthand for poverty.

There's even a car maintenance shed. Published 22 hours ago play.

Trailer trash

And such negative representations are expressed in one insulting term - "trailer trash". The threshold at which they're eligible for subsidised housing is much higher than in European countries so people that might live in a dome house in the UK don't have that opportunity here. But the US poor are still more likely trah live in a trailer than the typical American. The of occupants is not recorded but it's estimated to total about 20 million.

But we don't consider that [applies] here, this is just like a park.

And in the rolling hills near the Shenandoah River, ttash the country ro made famous by John Denver's ature song, there are any of mobile home parks, usually tucked away from view, up the hill or round a corner. There's no bunch of drunks hanging around having parties. The homes don't look like trailers in the conventional sense and inside they're spacious with bedrooms, a fitted washer and dryer, two bathrooms including an oval tub, and an island breakfast bar in the kitchen.

Just who are you calling trailer trash? | mobile home living

And they remain a largely US phenomenon. The 40s trrash 50s were their heyday, helped by the innovation of "double-wides", which meant they came in two separate units and formed a larger home. For Michael Breeden, 27, picking a mobile rather than fixed home a year ago was all about freedom. The site was built cor by Frank Rouss, who cleared all the oak trees away and built 28 trailers on the site, while also raising 11 children.

Although mobile home parks are found in Canada and there are sites for static trah in the UK, they are not found in the same. Comparing the top 10 mobile home states with the 10 most deprived states suggests a loose correlation. I would rather live in a house, it seems safer.

West Virginia has the third highest proportion of trailers in the US. But interestingly, some of the residents at Oak Haven think there's some truth in the stereotype. But the household median income is only a little over half the national average.

Trailer trash -

You also have retirement communities in Florida where people aren't poor at all. And Mosteller caused a minor storm trssh presenting what some South Carolina natives felt was a negative slight on the state. This seedy image has been further enhanced by depictions in pulp fiction novels. Even though in reality mobile homes are never really very mobile, it's the idea that you can pick up and leave any time if you didn't like your circumstances, in a way you can't with a house.

Trailer trash has been a name all to familiar to us manufactured homeowners. as “just some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks. You or someone should do an article on how alot of employers look. “Trailer Trash” Stigma and Belonging in Florida Mobile Home Parks. Margarethe Thisstudyconfirmsa finding observedin some of the pre-. See more ideas about white trash, trailer trash, trailer park. it comes to trailer homes, most would never look at them as a place to have a photoshoot; however,​.

If your budget won't stretch to that, there are communities like Parrish Manor in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is more like a health retreat - there's a football field, a community garden, playgrounds, a walking trail, picnic area and sports programmes for children. This one is in Amarillo, Texas.

But how accurate is this perception? They don't want to maintain their properties. It's the first property we ever owned.

Most of the homes here are rented and there is not a single piece of rubbish discarded llooking, because the rules are strictly observed - no music outside the homes and nothing left on the lawns. Top Stories Congress reconvenes to finish certifying election after a deadly day of chaos.

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It's cheap to do all this in the US but in Europe it's prohibitively expensive," says Becker, speaking during a break at a conference in Illinois for trailer park owners.