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Activism[ edit ] InBickers and coworker Amy Pitts filed a lawsuit against their then-place of employment, Casa Diablo, suing for back wagesmisclassificationand battery. These efforts became reality in HBprostitute established a Bureau of Labor and Industries hotline [7] for live entertainers in Oregon, oregon hotline which Bickers became the first and last to staff in December The first week of the show offered sex worker-only publishing workshops, prpstitute lecture by long time US sex worker activist Emi Koyama [15] on the history of sex worker activism in the Pacific Northwest and in particular the effects of rising rents and NIMBYism; a multi-generational panel of sex workers from all areas of the industry discussion portland and prosfitute, [16] oregln by US-based artists Juicebox, Dee Lyrium, and Philip Edward King, and a final panel on art and activism.

Legislation[ edit ] Bickers continues to be active in working pprostitute legislation to protect the human rights of vulnerable people and exploited workers, focusing on lobbying in the legislative session for protective legislation including: making it illegal for law enforcement to have sex with workers before arresting them; allowing workers to oregon together or share a space for safety reasons without being vulnerable to charges of trafficking or exploiting prostitute other; and allowing full service sex workers portland report assault without proshitute jobs being used as evidence to prosecute them while their assaults are ignored.