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But, as the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev discovered to his own cost, truly radical reforms, like revolutions, tend to devour their own.

They're frenemies - so to speak. Related Topics.

But his own position within the party depends on him striking the right balance between a broader crackdown on corruption which could help stimulate the economy and lead to the repatriation of billions of dollars in stolen assets and protecting senior figures within aantos MPLA. But that doesn't necessarily make it wrong. The relationship between the Dos Santos family and JLo is very complicated.

So, the hypocrisy is registering with most Angolans. It's like a tango in the dark," said Darias Jonker, from the Eurasia Group.

flr And so, Angola's "Gorbachev" suddenly finds himself treading a narrow, difficult path. But JLo, like South Africa's new President Cyril Ramaphosa, is quickly learning how hard it is to rebuild a brittle, fragmented party from within, and to make any serious headway against corruption when so many key state institutions are rotten to the core. His popularity is wearing off and people are asking why is he not going after others.

Active in MPLA struggle against Portuguese looking rule as a teenager Part of first group of guerrillas to enter Angolan territory from Congo-Brazzaville Received military training and studied history from to in the former Soviet Union General in the Angolan Armed Forces in post-independence civil war Said to be one of the few Santos generals and politicians free of allegations of involvement in major corruption scandals He badly needs to shore up the MPLA's support for - now waning like that of so many African liberation parties - ahead of upcoming local and military elections.

People are seizing the opportunity to speak out, without repercussion, and to challenge decades of repressive, inefficient rule and staggering inequality.

My sense is this is more effective internationally than domestically," he said.