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Some users are more sympathetic, asking people not to judge her by her appearance, noting that her popularity came from her voice, and that she might have to seek therapy after the backlash.

Looiing also have to be careful that they are not seen to be "vulgar". Qiao Biluo has since suspended her platform according to Weibo users, who are debating the impact of what happened. And some are praising the other live-streamer, Qingzi, who showed no reaction to Qiao Biluo's face being revealed.

Llooking are discouraged from broadcasting in a public sphere, and are extremely restricted on what they can say. Consequently, many live-streamers simply sing karaoke in their bedrooms, or eat snacks for hours on end. Related Topics.

Expressing their opinions could result in a backlash from the authorities if the content is deemed to be politically sensitive or against government rhetoric. But others question the IQ of the men throwing money at her. Broadcast media in China is tightly controlled, lloking with the exception of news coverage, footage on TV needs weeks of approval before it can be aired.

And the highly lucrative industry is saturated by young female users, who will go to extreme lengths to stand out. The country is extremely nervous about the growing popularity of live-streaming.

The story has been incredibly popular across Chinese social networks with more than million people reading posts that use a hashtag which translates to "female vlogger experiences bug showing her old lady face" and more than 50, using the hashtag itself. In another twist, the attention the story has attracted means that although Qiao Biluo stopped live-streaming after the incident, her Douyu profile now hasfollowers.

China has more than million live-streamers and the use of face filters is something that is common across the myriad of social platforms.

Users on both Bilibili and YouTube have captured the footage. How to stand out? Some wojan are saying it's good riddance to her for conning people out of their money.