Trading court orders for sex

At The Nation’s Repository of Courthouse Information “Guest” wrote on 1/6/10:

Trading court orders for sex

In my divorce case, Judge Joseph Buckner ignored an affidavit from my employer that contradicted the claims of my former wife that I had been given a $15,000 payment by my new employer.  Judge Buckner issued a “finding of fact” that stated that this payment had been made.  This was absolutely false.  Judge Buckner then ordered me to pay my estranged wife over $5000 a month in post-seperation support, an amount that constituted over 3/4 of my take-home pay.  At the time, my former wife was making a salary of over $50,000 a year, which was not a lot less than my own salary.  She and her attorney presented a falsified affidavit of living expenses to the court, claiming monthly expenses that were no less than twice the amount we had been spending on household expenses just a few weeks earlier, before I left.  Since I had proof from my new employer that Judge Buckner’s “finding of fact” was false, I sent a letter to the Judicial Standards Commission requesting that Judge Buckner’s order be vacated because he had deliberately and willfully ignored the sworn statement of my employer without legal justification.  The Judicial Standards Commission refused to act, although one female member of the Commission did recuse herself from the proceeding.  I was thereofore forced to negotiate a very unfavorable property settlement to get out from under the impoverishing effect of Judge Bucker’s confiscatory order.

I later learned that Judge Buckner had a long-standing sexual relationship with my former wife’s attorney.  I got this information from an official of the court, who told me that this was widely known within the Orange County Courthouse.  Judge Buckner had been a clerk at the law firm that employed my ex-wife’s attorney, Karen Davidson.  I am convinced that Judge Buckner’s outrageous behavior in my case was a clear case of judicial misconduct, in which he provided his sex partner with court orders that had no factual or legal basis.  As far as I am concerned, he should be in prison.

While it sounds so unbelievable, I believe every word because I have been in judge Buckner’s court.

Judge Buckner ignored ALL of my filings and exhibits, as described in detail:

How I got railroaded by judge Joseph Buckner