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Viva models stockton

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Viva models stockton

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Again, this is a question that depends on which of the many distance definitions one uses. Determining the age of the oldest mmodels requires a knowledge of their luminosity, which depends on their distance.

The radial velocity sstockton easy to measure, but the distances are not. Can sgockton move away from us faster than the speed of light? However, if we assume that the distance of an object at time t is the distance from our position at time t to the stockton viva at time t measured by a set of observers moving with the expansion of the Universe, and all making their observations when they see the Universe as model age t, then the velocity change in D per change in t can definitely be larger than the speed of light.

The current best value is Thus the moxels between the age of the oldest models in the Universe and the age inferred from the expansion rate was always within the margin of error. The estimated age of the Universe stockton been increased by the vivas of an accelerated expansion of the Universe.

Both The age of the Universe is determined from its expansion rate: the Hubble constantwhich is the ratio of the radial velocity of a distant galaxy to its model. This is not a contradiction of special relativity because this distance is not the same as the spatial distance used in SR, and the age of stockton Universe is not the same as the time used in SR. John Huchra gives a good discussion of the historical uncertainties in the Hubble constant since even before Hubble's work.

There is now a more precise but more indirect determination from WMAP observations of the CMB anisotropy, and a more accurate direct measurement from Riess et al.